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Roller TR90 Black EditionRoller TR90 Black Edition
Roller TR90 Trans / GreyRoller TR90 Trans / Grey
Roller TR90 Carey G15Roller TR90 Carey G15

Roller TR90 Carey G15

Sale price$54.99
Roller TR90 Black / RedRoller TR90 Black / Red

Roller TR90 Black / Red

Sale price$54.99
Roller TR90 Trans / BrownRoller TR90 Trans / Brown
Ultra Light S Round Trans Grey / GreyUltra Light S Round Trans Grey / Grey
Roller SQ Champagne / Grad BrownRoller SQ Champagne / Grad Brown
Roller TR90 Amber / BlackRoller TR90 Amber / Black
Roller TR90 Black / PinkRoller TR90 Black / Pink
Wind Fifty Black / BlackWind Fifty Black / Black
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Hurricane Transparent / Light BlueHurricane Transparent / Light Blue
Hurricane Black / BlackHurricane Black / Black

Hurricane Black / Black

Sale price$69.99
Ultra Light S Round Trans / Trans RedUltra Light S Round Trans / Trans Red
Roller TR90 Carey / BlueRoller TR90 Carey / Blue
Walker SQ Carey / G15Walker SQ Carey / G15

Walker SQ Carey / G15

Sale price$38.49 Regular price$54.99
Roller SQ Carey / BrownRoller SQ Carey / Brown

Roller SQ Carey / Brown

Sale price$54.99
Roller SQ Carey / G15Roller SQ Carey / G15

Roller SQ Carey / G15

Sale price$54.99
Hurricane Black / RedHurricane Black / Red

Hurricane Black / Red

Sale price$69.99
Wind Fifty Black / BlueWind Fifty Black / Blue

Wind Fifty Black / Blue

Sale price$69.99
Wind Orange / BlackWind Orange / Black

Wind Orange / Black

Sale price$69.99
Big D Constellation Carey / BlackBig D Constellation Carey / Black
Big D Montana Trans / BlackBig D Montana Trans / Black

Big D Montana Trans / Black

Sale price$45.49 Regular price$64.99
Walker AV Carey / G15Walker AV Carey / G15

Walker AV Carey / G15

Sale price$38.49 Regular price$54.99
Ocean Black / Red G15Ocean Black / Red G15

Ocean Black / Red G15

Sale price$48.99 Regular price$69.99
993 Black/Black993 Black/Black

993 Black/Black

Sale price$69.99
Hurricane Lime / RedHurricane Lime / Red

Hurricane Lime / Red

Sale price$69.99
Hurricane Black / GreenHurricane Black / Green

Hurricane Black / Green

Sale price$69.99
Hurricane Black / GoldHurricane Black / Gold

Hurricane Black / Gold

Sale price$69.99
Hurricane Black / BlueHurricane Black / Blue

Hurricane Black / Blue

Sale price$69.99
Wind Fifty Red / BlackWind Fifty Red / Black

Wind Fifty Red / Black

Sale price$69.99
Wind Fifty Neon Yellow / RedWind Fifty Neon Yellow / Red
Wind Fifty Black / GoldWind Fifty Black / Gold

Wind Fifty Black / Gold

Sale price$69.99
Wind Fifty Black / GreenWind Fifty Black / Green
Wind Fifty Black / RedWind Fifty Black / Red

Wind Fifty Black / Red

Sale price$69.99
913 Shiny Black / Gradient Smoke913 Shiny Black / Gradient Smoke
Bahamas Shiny Black / SmokeBahamas Shiny Black / Smoke
Big D Constellation Purple / BlackBig D Constellation Purple / Black
Big D Constellation Orange / BlackBig D Constellation Orange / Black


Finding your style is easy if you know what you are looking for. D. Franklin sunglasses collections are the perfect complement to combine with any look according to your character and personality. In addition, they are suitable for all kinds of styles. We are always looking to be trendy, different and revolutionize the fashion world with trendy designs inspired by the latest trends.

But, besides that, we also know the importance of protecting us from ultraviolet rays and taking care of our eyes without leaving good taste aside. All our sunglasses have UV protection of different categories to take care of your eyesight in the sun, while you go to the last.

In our online catalog, you will always be able to find the latest models of sunglasses that are fashionable in 2022. Those sunglasses you saw on Instagram, that model you have been looking for, that color of lenses that left you speechless, that influencer who wore them and broke all the schemes... In D.Franklin we have them. Complete your outfit is easy, search, choose your sunglasses and buy without complications!


In 2022, the online sunglasses fashion is here to stay. In D.Franklin we have the latest proposals to go with the latest fashion this year. And there is no doubt that they are a fundamental accessory for any look, both for him and for her. When we wear glasses, we are reflecting in one way or another our personality.

We have the most requested models, such as the emblematic aviator style glasses, the latest models of round and rectangular sunglasses, frames with marked designs and glasses inspired by different styles. In addition, this year we are betting on daring color combinations, the most innovative frames and the latest glass finishes with mirrored, polarized and gradient lenses. We also don't forget about eyewear cords, an accessory that will be a hit in 2022.


In all our collections, we have models of both men's sunglasses and women's sunglasses. Depending on your tastes, you will choose one style or another. In D.Franklin you can find the latest news for boys and girls, and choose the design that best suits you.

Although many of our models are unisex, you will find that the designs of glasses for men have a more masculine character in their shapes and style, as well as in color combinations. Combine them as you like with your best looks and get ready to stand out from the crowd.

In the case of women's glasses, we also have a large number of more feminine styles and designs thanks to their frames and colors. Join with them to the latest trends and highlight your personality above all.

Find the design that best suits your needs and your style among all our collections. Here are some of the most popular models:


The retro style is still in full force, the truth is that round sunglasses for women and men are trending this season. As happens on many occasions, the classics come back, and it would not be for less in the case of round sunglasses.


This latest model of sports sunglasses gives the opportunity to the most sporty people to be fashionable with maximum protection and extreme quality. Any of the striking colors we have available will become your perfect ally for your outings maximizing comfort to improve your performance.


Blue light filter glasses are the latest in D.Franklin. Thanks to their Blue Block technology they manage to reduce the emission of blue light emitted by device screens. Timeless designs that combine an attractive high quality frame with comfort and the most iconic styles of our brand.


Can you imagine being able to change the lenses of your glasses whenever you want?

In D.Franklin we give you the opportunity with a renewed design of clip-on sunglasses from the Clip-On collection. Its frame allows you to have both eyeglasses and sunglasses in the same glasses. In addition, they have a TR90 frame, a flexible, lightweight and resistant material.



What if we add discounts and incredible offers to the latest trends and styles? In our online catalog we offer the best prices so you can get your cheap sunglasses easily and comfortably. We believe that quality and price should never be at odds. That's why we bet on competitive prices without sacrificing quality. And not only that, but you can also enjoy exclusive discounts in our outlet section in sunglasses with the best models along with all the variety of accessories and complements of D.Franklin such as shoes, clothing, backpacks, hats and others.

Buy on our website and take advantage of our conditions! Take advantage of the convenience of placing your orders without registration, easy payment by credit card, Paypal.

Will you join the D.Franklin revolution?